You have landed in the right place.  No matter where you are in your diversity & inclusion journey, your Diversity and Inclusion Coach can assist you.  Make yourself at home as you discover all of the options and opportunities to grow your organization through a diversity and inclusion coach. 


We are an organization that offers diversity and inclusion coaching, consultation and training for small businesses who want to attach diversity, equity and inclusion to their brand.  We guide you through the process of incorporating D&I across the board from grassroots to the C-suite so that you can focus on what matters: creating profits and increasing business value.   

Our aperture is focused on the everyday leader who has business challenges related to diversity.  We offer solutions so that you can thrive in your workplace. Our strategies and solutions are one’s that you can use right away and we share resources for busy managers who need quick reliable tools.

My vision is that by creating a network of everyday leaders who learn to address multicultural concerns & who understand management from a transformational leadership approach that we will build stronger businesses in both public and private sector and create more empowered employees who think outside the box.


Nikki is a nurse entrepreneur and the Founder of Diversity and Inclusion Coach. As a subject matter expert in healthcare systems, diversity & inclusion for over 10 years, Nikki’s vision is to coach leaders using transformational leadership strategies.  Nikki is an expert speaker on promoting individual & organizational growth by teaching others how to navigate and embrace difficult conversations around high level business strategy that maximizes and recruits top talent.  With a background in nursing, Nikki is particularly skilled at taking a person-centered approach to complex problems so that your organization can think, act and operate confidently as an inclusive organization. Also, she is one of few nurse experts offering an online accredited course for health care professionals focusing on social justice, diversity, cultural humility, and influential leadership.  

Our team is made up of diverse individuals with backgrounds ranging from healthcare to technology to corporate.  With this team on your side, you never have to worry that your needs or challenges are not taken into consideration.

The Clinician’s Guide to Microaggressions and Unconscious Bias

Racial Justice in Healthcare

In the past year, healthcare organizations and systems have been scrambling to respond to health inequity. The impact George Floyd has had on the racial justice movement is undeniable. My workbook, “The Clinician’s Guide to Unconscious Bias and Microaggressions’’ is the transformational tool your organization needs to put teeth to racial justice statements so that you can begin to align people with intentional processes that have an impact on your bottom line. This workbook is for the everyday clinician, faculty member, and clinical instructor who is searching for tools needed to have authentic conversations about race, racism, and health equity.



Learn what it takes to be a strong leader and ensure that your work space is inclusive . Advance your career by applying these teachings in a simple to follow module based learning format.


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