Diversity and Inclusion
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Do you want to test your knowledge of diversity and inclusion? Is it important for you to confidently address aspects of equity in your workspace with the right approach. Then, take the 5 day diversity and inclusion challenge and find out how ready you are to tackle these issues.

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Four Easy Techniques to Keep You Calm as a Nurse (PDF)

Nurses often ask me “how do you always seem so calm, even under pressure?” It’s true: whether I’m in a code or having uncomfortable conversations with my staff, I can usually be counted on to remain composed. I’ve learned from some amazingly influential leaders that in most situations, calm=confidence.


Three Step Guide to being an Influential Nurse Leader (PDF))

Are leaders made or born? Does it really even matter? I don’t think so. A lot of the times as nurses we get stuck on who are leaders instead of focusing on how leaders lead. Nurse leaders follow a different road map than the rest of the crowd; they think and act influentially. If their actions are not inspiring others towards meaningful change, they are not practicing leadership.